Django Crash Course: Covers Python 3.8 and Django 3.x – Beta Version

The Django Crash Course book is a guided walkthrough where we build a real, production-quality Django web application from the ground up.

This book is designed to build solid foundations for any developer looking to get proficient with Django fast. Once you’ve finished the book, you’ll be able to purchase Django Crash Course extensions on topics such as deployment on various platforms, Django REST Framework (DRF), Javascript frameworks like VueJS and/or React, third-party packages, and more.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is subject to change.

  1. The Ultimate Django Setup
  2. Hello, World in Django
  3. Preparation: Install Dependencies
  4. Generate a Starter Django Project
  5. Create a Database and Run the Project
  6. Create a Django-Superuser
  7. Practice Using the Admin
  8. Generate a Homepage App
  9. Prepping the Project for Templates
  10. Add a Simple Homepage View
  11. Create Your First Django Template
  12. Working With Variables in Templates
  13. Calling View Methods From Templates
  14. Your First Project is Complete!
  15. The EveryCheese Project
  16. Using Cookiecutter and Template
  17. Exploring the Generated Boilerplate
  18. Starting Up Your New Django Project
  19. Cheese Boilers
  20. Initializing the Git Repo Committing and Pushing
  21. Git Is Not for Stinky Cheeses
  22. What We Get From The Users App
  23. Adding User Bios
  24. Adding Bio to User Detail Template
  25. Introducing Tests
  26. User Profile Cheese
  27. The Cheeses App and Model
  28. Trying Out the Cheese Model
  29. Tests and Test Coverage
  30. The Cheeserator
  31. Adding Cheeses to the Admin
  32. Behind the Curtain
  33. Class Based View Fundamentals
  34. Writing the Cheese List View
  35. Wiring in the List View Url
  36. the Cheese List Template
  37. Add the CheeseDetailView
  38. The Cheese Detail Template
  39. Where to Dip Your Class Based Views
  40. Writing Factories for Tests
  41. Why Use Factories
  42. Using Factories in Tests
  43. How Your Cheese Objects Feel About Your Tests
  44. Finding and Adding a Third Party Countries App
  45. Display Cheese Country Data
  46. Implement Cheese Creation by Users
  47. Use Django Crispy Forms for Better Display
  48. Understand View Mixins and Loginrequiredmixin
  49. Add a Creator Field and Update Our Cheese Records
  50. Track and Display the Cheese Creator
  51. Update the Cheese Factory
  52. Update the Cheese Model Tests
  53. Test All the Cheese Views
  54. Test All the Cheese Url Patterns
  55. Adding a CheeseUpdateView and Form Recycling
  56. Test the Cheese Forms and Update Views
  57. EveryCheese is the Foundation!
  58. Changelog
  59. Acknowledgements

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